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Sacramento Bee, 'Aging of America' causes more long-term needs for the elderly (article below)

Senior Magazine, Senior Spotlight
Sacramento Bee, 'Knowing the field in Elder care'

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"I felt truly "touched by an angel" when I called About Elder Care. You gave me the feeling that my situation with my mother had priority and you couldn't have responded better, faster or more caring than you did. Thanks to you, I made the right decision."
-Barbara Ashley

"I convinced myself that no facility would accept my mother until the discharge planner introduced me to About Elder Care. I am pleased to report that they helped me find a care home that accommodated all of mom's needs and she is very happy. I am pleased to recommend their services to anyone!"
-Jay O'Brien

"After my mother suffered a stroke, I was unable to care for her. Then like an answer to a prayer, About Elder Care was there to help us. You helped us find a loving and reputable board and care home for her. Please keep helping those who are in need and unable to help themselves."
-Melody Hunt

"About Elder Care was so well organized, prompt, caring, capable and knowledgeable... Because of you assistance in finding a facility, what could have been a sad time, became, for Daddy and me, a grand adventure!"
-Piar Rogers

Newpaper Articles

The Sacramento Bee, Sunday December 5, 1999/ NEIGHBORS

Perspective - 'Aging of America' causes more long-term care needs for the elderly

In the Sacramento area and across America, an unprecedented parent-child role reversal is taking place for millions of families.The impetus for this transition in family relationships is a familiar subject for magazine cover stories and health practitioners a trend described as "the aging of America."

Improved medical care and better living and eating habits have resulted in longer life for many United States citizens, but also have presented new lifestyle challenges for a growing population of older Americans and their adult sons and daughters.

More than 4.6 million Californians, for example, are at least 60 years old. In Sacramento and the surrounding counties, nearly 280,000 residents have celebrated their 60th birthday.

Twenty-five years ago, there were only 10 million Americans over the age of 75. By 2000, forecasters predict that this number will surge to 17 million 75-year-olds. The over-85 age group is growing even faster, experts say, and will expand 40 percent by 2000.

People in the baby boomer generation are discovering for the first time the realities of care needs for aging parents. Some seniors need assistance to shoulder the job of maintaining a house or apartment, or even carry on simple daily tasks such as cooking, bathing, dressing, shopping and taking medications.

In Sacramento and nearby communities, increasing numbers of offspring of aging parents are suddenly confronted with a problem they are ill prepared to solve finding help or anew living environment for loved ones who do not need nursing home care, but do require assistance in everyday living.

A viable solution for many families is provided by a residential care facility for the elderly, often described as a board-and-care home or an assisted-living facility.

These facilities are licensed by the California Department of Social Services and provide 24-hour supervision and assistance.

In the Sacramento area, there are more than -500 such facilities in a variety of neighborhoods, housing from two to more than 300 residents living under one roof and sharing meals, entertainment and social activities.

For most people, the job of locating and choosing an affordable and responsible facility is a daunting one. There are some key questions caregivers need to ask throughout this process, which can be a difficult and emotional experience for many:

-Jerry Schreck is president of  Elder Care Referral Services in Sacramento.  His firm .specializes in providing free counseling and elder-care  facility placement .services to families in Sacramento and surrounding counties.

"Jerry Schreck saw a need and filled it!"
 -Senior Magazine

" Senior Spotlight", a profile of an outstanding person whose contributions make the community a better place to live.

   "Consultant helps families sort through maze of residential choices"
The Sacramento Bee

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